The Myth of Normal

26th Nov 2023

Gabor Mate This author was suggested by my therapist. I watch some you tube videos and then sought this book out. I had seen it last time we were in Coffs and it interested me. It is a life changing book for me. I needed to read this at this time. I... more details

Moving Target

27th Oct 2023

Elizabeth Moon This is the second book in the Vatta's War series and Elizabeth kicked it up a knotch. Very fun. Well paced, good plot, characters and enough sci fi tech. Just a sort of everyday account, it feels like you are transported to this time... more details

Trading in Danger

6th Oct 2023

Elizabeth Moon Good fun space adventure. Some technology things i liked, but mainly a trading story. Ky gets kicked our of the acadamey and takes an old ship her Dad was scraped. But instead she tries to make a go of transport work herself. I really... more details

Mostly Harmless 2

12th Sep 2023

Douglas Adams I forgot how good this one was. I really enjoyed it. Douglas is much better at character depth by this time. Arthur and his daughter Random. Fords adventures with new management at The Guide. Arthur happily making sandwiches in a smal... more details

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish 2

20th Aug 2023

Douglas Adams This is the Fenchurch one, back on earth with Arthur. Sometimes Ford. And a rain God. Very calm and lovely and enjoyable.... more details

Life, The Universe, and Everything 2

10th Aug 2023

Douglas Adams Such an easy, funny read with great scifi speculations. I loved it like all the others. This one was about the Krikkit Wars. It seemed to be a combination of other ideas that had popped up in Doiuglas head while writing the other books... more details

Restaurant at the End of the Universe 2

27th Jul 2023

Douglas Adams Brilliant, does not diassappoint.... more details

Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy 2

19th Jul 2023

Douglas Adams I never tire of this book. It is my favourite series. So much joy at each stage of the adventure, well paced, familiar characters. Loved it.... more details

Moving Pictures

7th Jul 2023

Terry Pratchett Not my favourite characters, but still an enjoyable exploration of Hollywood. Gaspode was good to see again. Cut me own throat dibbler was a bit of a stretch and I prewfer him in more modest roles. I will probably read it again.... more details

The Night Stalker

23rd Jun 2023

Richard Ramirez This was brutal at the start, it actually follows and describes Richards crimes. Amazing insight, but it turned my stomach. It then goes onto Richards background as a child and how he got to here. Then through the court system and fi... more details

A Walk in the Woods

8th Jun 2023

Bill Bryson I love this book, it is definitely a way to travel without travelling, you feel like you are there, preparing, buying gear, travelling with Katz. Katz is such a good character. This is a gentle, lovely read. Sprinkled with history like B... more details

Father and Daughters

18th May 2023

Madonna King This was an informative and accessible book. It had a number of quotes from fathers, dads and people involved in the education of girls. Very insightful. I was very pleased to find that I am achieveing a lot of what they advised. There ... more details

The Butterfly Isles

3rd May 2023

Patrick Barkham This was a very gentle and beautiful book. It bought us right into the world of Patrick as he attempts to see all 59 native species of butterflies in the British Isles in one season. He was introduced to butterflies by his dad and l... more details

Charles Kuralts America

25th Apr 2023

Charles Kuralts This reminds me of Bill Bryson's books and this is rare praise as Bill is one of my favourite authors. It does not have Bills cynicism or depth but Charles is a wonderful observer and he can  convey what he sees very well. You c... more details

And Another Thing

13th Apr 2023

Eoin Colfer Douglas Adams wanted to write a 6th book and he said Mostlty Harmless was prtetty bleak. But he died before he could do it and so Eoin took on the project. I started reading it optomistaclly and loved see all my characters in a new adve... more details

Nickel and Dimed

28th Mar 2023

on (not) Getting By in America Barbara Ehrenreich This was published in 2001 but it is still relevant and relatable today. An investigative journalist  leaves her comfortable middle class life and sees how she does as a member of the working p... more details

Farming is Fun

23rd Mar 2023

A. Bertram Cox Another op shop buy. The cover is horrible, but I love these farm life comedies.  First published in 1952 and set before the second world war. It is Bertram's accounts of his foray into farming in the Adelaide hills. He is a succ... more details

The Mindful Way through Depression

14th Mar 2023

Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness Mark Williams, John Teasdale, Zindel Segal, Jon Kabat-Zinn This was a lifesaver. I think I got it at the right time too. It is an easy read with practical things you can put in place from day one. But it al... more details

Far From the Madding Crowd

28th Feb 2023

Thomas Hardy I decided to challenge myself and pull a classic off the book shelf. First published in 1874. This was a delight. Having studied Hardy at school I could see exam topics with various symbolism and metaphors. But it was also a page turne... more details

It Shouldnt Happen to a Vet

15th Feb 2023

James Herriot I read 'If Only They Could Talk' last year a throughly enjoyed it. I read book two 'It Shouldnt Happen to a Vet' in this omnibus. It was equally good, with all the regular characters - Siegfried and Tristant and the Dales famers. This ... more details

Heavy Weather

27th Jan 2023

Bruce Sterling I read Bruce's Difference Engine when he wrote with Gibson. But he is good on his own too. This was an excellent book. Storm chasers in a dystopian world ravaged by climate change. Lots of good future tech, but also characters you emp... more details

Misspent Youth

17th Jan 2023

Peter F Hamilton This was rubbish, I could not finish it. I have read his early cyberpunk and his later grand scifi. But this one was too sexist and has an old man and 15 year old relationship. Not enough scifi, more like a mills and boon for pervy ... more details

The Bolivian Times

8th Jan 2023

Tim Elliot. This is a fun travel story, it introduces you to the nation of Bolivia and the problems associated with its cocaine production and other third world issues. The travelling, get a job at a paper, make some friends is all good. But it is a... more details

Guards Guards

1st Jan 2023

Terry Pratchett. This is the first in the City Watch series, Carrot comes to Ankh-Morpork to join the police. He is very large but was raised by dwarfs. He is straightlaced. All the other characters we grow to love, Vimes, Fred, and Nobby. A secret... more details