31st Dec 2019

Marc D. Giller Some good Biological and AI crossover, corporate espionage, but it read in places like a Tom Clancy novel. It did not have the character depth of a Gibson or Stephenson. ... more details

Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy 2

13th Dec 2019

This is such a comfortable, easy read. I never tire of it. Well worn scenes, characters, lines. I love it. ... more details

Mr Rosenblums List

5th Dec 2019

Natasha Solomons The list is a charming premise, but the book is actually about a guy building a golfcourse is a small english village. It is charming, but it misses the mark for me. It straddles real life memoir and fiction and so I could not buy i... more details


28th Nov 2019

Robert Sheckley I picked this up at a second hand book store. I have a soft spot for Pan Science Fiuction publications because of Hitch Hikers Guide. This one was published in 1966 and had some sci-fi indeas I had not encourntered before. Sheckley l... more details


21st Nov 2019

Thea Astley This was a tough book. Disjointed stories surrounding the same drougth ravaged Australia town. Heartbreaking stories with no hope. Once one finished another started and then we never got back to them. To start with a writter writing a st... more details


16th Nov 2019

Chuck Palahniuk This is a short read at 260 pages. It is Sci-Fi for the perverted mind. Examining what it would be like to have a spell book that gives you world dominating super powers. It is simple and entertaining, Palahniuk's world view that we ... more details

The Raw Shark Texts

12th Nov 2019

Steven Hall This is now one of my favourite books. It reminded me of Tom Robbins and Kurt Vonnegut and Chuck Palahniuk. It was a fascinating concept and had a single perspective, but I turned every page eagerly. Beautifully realised with ... more details

The Wizard of Linn

6th Nov 2019

A. E. Van Vogt Published in 1975 this is a good old Sci-Fi. Its quite political, but has some concepts I enjoyed. The humans have inherited technolgy cultural taught, but are unable to build them themselves, so you have a primative society with adva... more details

Lunar Park

25th Oct 2019

Bret Easton Ellis I am a big fan of his previous work. This book was a compelling read and had echos of his previous work, but was a bit disjointed. Good start as a biography and then was sort of Patrick Bateman in suburbia as a dad, then some ... more details


10th Oct 2019

Ronald Giphart and Mark van Vugt I needed some more on this topic after Sapiens. This was an excellent perspective. How our evolutionary drives in a modern contect mismatches our actions to our genetic imperatives. Each chapter covers, food, disease... more details

Right to the Edge

26th Sep 2019

Charley Boorman Sydney to Toyko by any means I enjoyed the tv series Charley has been in and was looking forward to a relaxed travel book. The first couple of chapters were a worry as it read like a trnscript from the TV series. "Write what you see... more details


13th Sep 2019

Yuval Noah Harari From other readings I was aware of the progression Yuval described. But he did is in such an engaging way it was a quick enjoyable read. He also highlighted some things I had not considered like the comparative satisfaction/happine... more details


22nd Aug 2019

I read this one quick, really enjoyed it, near future dystopia with robots and AI. The section on Zero Hour reminded me of Day of the Triffids. There are disjoint character sets, but they are bought together nicely. Some great Sci-Fi concepts and a b... more details

The Island at the Centre of the World

15th Aug 2019

Russell Shorto New York facinates me and it is so often in our movies and tv shows. I love the culture and forward thinking and melting pot it is as well. This book shows the Dutch phase of its development. As apposed to the puritan colonies of the ... more details


26th Jul 2019

Daniel Saurez I got this at a book fair as I liked the subject matter. It ended up being a book I liked very much. Near future Sci-Fi, with cyberpunk. When I was right into it and some characters were introduced I realised this was a sequel. Daemon ... more details

Another Bloody Ratbag Book

8th Jul 2019

Kerry Cue I had bought these two books together and could not resist ready some more. I was not dissappointed, it was as good as the first, this time the Meehan family adenture continues. Some more tales from the towns characters. Relaxing, funny, e... more details

Crooks, Chooks, and Bloody Ratbags

27th Jun 2019

Kerry Cue This is a lovely Australian yarn. Set in a country town it follows the adventures of the Meehan family. They move to Kyneton as Dad gets a job as the local constable. Descriptive writing as well as funny family adventures. Characters from ... more details

Rock Springs

16th Jun 2019

Richard Ford I normally dont like short stories, you get engaged in the characxters and it ends. But Richard is a special author and can create a dense world and characters in a short time. I read one comple story each night before bed and the chart... more details

The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents

6th Jun 2019

Terry Pratchett. This was a light read I picked up after my recent SciFi epic. It had Pratchetts humour and skill at characters. This is a take on the pied piper and has a singular trajectory for young readers. I enjoyed Malicia. This one was q... more details

Seven Eves

28th May 2019

Neil Stephenson This is epic! Science fiction across 5000 years as the earth is destroyed by exploded moon fragments. It is a thick book but I did not notice, each phase was well paced with decent character developmnent. I love Neils technical knowl... more details

The Power of Gold

24th Apr 2019

Peter L Bertstein This is an economics and history book. It was an engaging read, it was nice to get a history book from this angle. History never gets old, looking back at it lets me look at my life in a different way. It was good to see the progre... more details

Heavy Weather

11th Apr 2019

Bruce Sterling This is the future tech, Sci-Fi read I was after. Set in the not to distant future where humanity battles with the conditions of climate change. A great post apocalyptic setting with a rag tag group of people. The characters got ... more details

Zero History

29th Mar 2019

William Gibson Little to no cyberpunk, but still good. Gibson takes his attention to detail away from computers and future tech and to fashion. As always great characters, I was able to follow the plot easier with this one. ... more details

The House in South Road

16th Mar 2019

Joyce Storey I really enjoyed this biography, it was an insight into the ordinary life of an english housewife, through the wars, the depression, after war rebuilding. It showed how little freedom and autonomy women had and the growing freedom Joyce... more details

Deadly Kerfuffle

7th Mar 2019

Tony Martin I have been enjoying Tony's comedy since D-Generation. He displays his wit, his observation of Australian culture and comments on that culture in this wonderfully entertaining book. Lovely to see so many Australian references I am famili... more details

Unseen Academicals

28th Feb 2019

Terry Pratchett Another wizards book based around football. Its the same as his others, fun, insightful, and humerous. The does have a great turn of phrase. Like a favourite blanket, comforting, easy to read, funny and intelligent.... more details

Grass For His Pillow

10th Feb 2019

Lian Hearn Picks up where the first one left off. I easily got back into the swing of things. Great to see a strengthening Kaede. Not as difficult to comprehend all the characters this time as I remebered most and it revolved around Takeo and Kaede'... more details


29th Jan 2019

Andrew Sean Greer Winner of the pulitzer prize for fiction in 2018. This is a beautifully written work. To begin with it was a bit heavy for me, he loves a simile. The character being a gay, single male approaching 50 I thought initially I could not... more details

Ghost Empire

24th Jan 2019

Richard Fidler I love listening to Richard on radio national and remember him from the doug anthony all stars. This book spans 1000 years of Constantinople's history. Richard takes his 14 year old son Joe to see the city as they had shared a love of... more details


13th Jan 2019

Samuel Arbesman The systems we are building, particularly software, are complex. After years of building new software on old and integrating everything we are vunerable. We can not comprehend the complete system and how it works as we could do in si... more details

Idea Man

7th Jan 2019

Paul Allen Great to read Paul's perspective of the Microsoft founding. He includes a lot of computer details which I really enjoyed. But that was only half the book. He also included a lot of his music interests, his ownership of sport teams, space ... more details