Full Bore

27th Dec 2016

William McInnes I have liked William's work in sea change and the abc auction show. It was in this auction show that this story begins. It is a disjointed book of various stories. One chapter, he sits in a cafe with his son and anything that reminds... more details

Guards! Guards!

18th Dec 2016

Terry Pratchett I have been reading Pratchett in order and by ghis book he has really hit his stride. This was a wonderful adventure. This is the first Watch book with Vimes and Carrot and Nobby and Colon. First major role for the Patrician. It has ... more details


15th Dec 2016

William Gibson This is loosely part of his Bridge series - Virtual Light, Idoru , and All Tomorrow's Parties. I have been reading them in no particular order over the years and they are still very enjoyable. This one centres around a rock stars love... more details

The Olive Farm

7th Dec 2016

Carol Drinkwater I could not finish this. I tried a couple of chapters and I didnt connect with the heroine. She was a bit flippant and free spirated. It was charming and descriptive, good supporting characters and a lot of work ahead of them on the... more details

Small Is The New Big

6th Dec 2016

Seth Godin This is a blog in a book. Compiled in 2006 it has 183 different blog articles, with no relation to each other. I was just reading a chapter here and there, but I found it quite engaging and motivating and ended up finishing it. Some techn... more details

Rare Books Uncovered

28th Nov 2016

Rebecca Rego Barry This was a fascinating read. Each chapter is short and concerns a different book scouts and the best or most interesting find they have made. It is a treasure hunt book. People who are equipped with vast knowledge that they use to... more details

A Life In Parts

23rd Nov 2016

I loved Breaking Bad, I had to read this book. It is a real page turner, Bryan takes us through his life and the craft of being an actor. Fascinatating and insightful. You also know he is going to talk about Breaking Bad, Malcolm in the Middle and hi... more details

Gone Troppo

20th Nov 2016

John O'Grady I read 'Their a Weird Mob' years ago and belived it was written by Nino Culotta. I bought this book think it was more adventures of Nino. I then found out Nino Culotta was a Pseudonym for John O'Grady. That wasnt a real good start. The ... more details

Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates

12th Nov 2016

Tom Robbins Very unique story and engaging characters. Quite deep in parts. Weird and quirky. I did not find it as good as some of his other novels, less magic or love for the character. But it still has the traits of a tom robbins and was enjoyable... more details

Less Than Zero

15th Oct 2016

From the first page you know this is a Bret Easton Ellis. His observation of the minutiae and then the longer exploration of life. This is about rich kids in LA. It is bleak, and sad, and lonely. At just over 200 page sit is a quick read but obsorbin... more details

Blood of the Fold

14th Oct 2016

Terry Goodkind is hitting his stride with this one. The first one was good, the second one was very similiar to the first. This one has more depth, complexity and story. He is building a richer world. All of them are compelling reads, its just good t... more details

Wyrd Sisters

21st Sep 2016

Terry Pratchett This was very enjoyable. Good depth of characters, plot, humour. This time we had a little shakespeare.... more details

A Brief History of the Age of Steam

8th Sep 2016

This was very enjoyable and all encompassing. From before steam engines powered factories through trains and boats, to the internal combustion engine. Initially some parts about the boats didn't interest me, because I picked up the book to read abou... more details

Neither Here Nor There

27th Aug 2016

Neither Here Nor There - Bill BrysonThis is not like Bills other books, it is his random travels through Europe. More observational and like a traditional travel book. His later work has more research and info, his humour is softer and less juvenile.... more details

Stone of Tears

15th Aug 2016

Stone of Tears - Terry GoodkindVery similar to the first book in this series Wizards First Rule. But it was well executed and a real page turner. This one had some great war scenes. Along with the magic and evil and adventures you expect from Goodkin... more details

Uriels Machine

6th Jul 2016

Uriels Machine - Christoper Knight & Robert LomasEuropeans civilisations were more advanced that history has led us to believe, meteorites caused the Noah flood, angels and giants, freemasons, etcThis felt more like Dan Brown than Jarod Diamond. ... more details


16th Jun 2016

Pyramids - Terry PratchettI am re-reading Pratchett in order and this is the best so far. It reminded me of his more recent novels. Our world viewed through the prism of the discworld. Very funny and thoughtful.I liked Rincewind and the luggage, the ... more details

Ready Player One

9th Jun 2016

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline I can't believe I have not read this before, it was wonderful. For a child of the 70s/80s who loves video games.... more details

Wizards First Rule

2nd Jun 2016

Wizards First Rule - Terry Goodkind This is a reread and it has held up well. I really enjoyed it again. Good depth, funny, well paced. Grand classic fantasy.... more details

The Broken Shore

19th May 2016

The Broken Shore - Peter Temple Good Australian setting and nice characters, bit of a weak plot, won't read again.... more details

Botany of Desire

1st May 2016

Botany of Desire - Michael PollanThis follows our relationship with 4 plants. Apples, Tulips, Marijuana, and Potatoes. The book is broken up into these 4 sections and you get a good history, present day and future speculation. Enjoyable non-fiction.... more details

Everyday Traders

12th Apr 2016

Every-day Traders - Nick RadgeThis is an interview style book with 9 chapters, 9 different traders and their approaches. This was published in 2003 but because it is about the underlying philosophy and style it is still relevant today. Some chapters ... more details


11th Apr 2016

Sourcery - Terry PratchettThis one was a bit disjointed. It is book number #5 so he is still finding his place and this one still inhabits a discworld that is predominantly fantasy based. Still fun, lots of magic and a Rincewind adventure. Just not a... more details


30th Mar 2016

Longitude - Dava SobelThis one has sat on my shelf for ages. I thought I had read it. It was so similiar to 'The map that changes the world' that I passed it by.This is as compelling and informative story about the development of a clock to determine... more details

Playing the Moldovans at Tennis

27th Mar 2016

Playing the Moldovans at Tennis - Tony HawkThis is a funny travel story. This time Tony bets his mate he can beat the soccer players of the Moldavian international team at tennis. It was lightweight, well paced and funny jape. Also some good insights... more details

Ship Breaker

24th Mar 2016

Ship Breaker - Paolo BacigalupiI ordered this because I enjoyed The Windup Girl, Paolo's first novel, but this one is not nearly as good. Set is a dystopian mad max future...blah blah. It is a linear adventure with very few sci fi ideas. It was okay,... more details

The Drawing of the Dark

18th Mar 2016

The Drawing of the Dark - Tim PowersI picked this one up because it was in the Fantasy Masterworks series, but I did not know what to expect. It was about a swordsman/bouncer from the 14th century.I really enjoyed it, likable characters, good fantasy... more details


7th Mar 2016

Mort - Terry PratchettThis one had some good fantasy/sci fi concepts. This is his 4th Discworld book and you can see his evolving style. Simple narrative and not as funny as others. But it is as good as most and Pratchett is like a familiar blanket.... more details

Beyond the Chains of Illusion

24th Feb 2016

Beyond the Chains of Illusion - Erich FrommFromm examines the philosophy of Freud and Marx and then adds his own takes. This was a bit harder to read than 'To Have or To Be'. I took away a better understanding of repression and societal subconscious.... more details

A Quantum Murder

7th Feb 2016

A Quantum Murder - Peter F HamiltonThis is a cyberpunk murder mystery. I found it clever, well paced, and entertaining. It has a few intriguing sci-fi concepts, otherwise just a "boys own" adventure.This was a second-hand bookstore find many years ag... more details

Talking with Kids

25th Jan 2016

Talking with Kids - Alison MulvaneyThis is a tough read. You know shouting at your kids doesn't work, but you are at your wits end. This book has some great activities and techniques but the what I took from it was the self analysis. Why are you a pa... more details

All Tomorrows Parties

17th Jan 2016

All Tomorrows Parties - William GibsonGibson presents us with a cybertech future from the streets. Everyday people living in a new world. I would never have imagined these characters, but Gibson did. I would not have thought I would care for them, bu... more details


12th Jan 2016

Rigged - Ben MezrichSetting up an oil exchange in Dubai. It has a bit of rich kid trader extravagance, some business negotiations. Satisfying, but no real big suprises. Wolf of Wall Street was better, more personal, more excitement.... more details

Lost Geography

8th Jan 2016

Lost Geography - Charlotte BaconThis is a beautifully written book, in the space of 40 pages the author immerses you in a couple and a family. Then continues to span 3 generations of the family.Some characters I did not engage with, but others I care... more details

The Cuckoo in June

4th Jan 2016

The Cuckoo in June - David AtkinsI have read a number of tree change books where city folk make a go of it on a farm. This one was from an accountant who became an apple grower in the 1950s. The difference here is the book was written with 35 years o... more details