Turns Out I'm Fine

22nd Dec 2021

Judith Lucy I enjoyed her previous books - The Lucy Family Alphabet and Drink, Smoke, Pass Out. I could relate to a disfunctional family. It was told with humour and self deprecation. This one is heavy, with fewer jokes between the self examination.... more details

Wanderers of Time

9th Dec 2021

John Wyndham I love Day of the Triffids and picked this collection of short stories up from a used book store for 50c. Science fiction is the only genre I like the short story format. For other genrres I want to know the characters longer. For Sci-f... more details

Dark Space

29th Nov 2021

Marianne de Pierres It was hard to get into this one, as like most science fiction, you are plonked in a future reality  you have to comprehend. But once I got into it I really enjoyed it. Good Sci-Fi concepts, good characters. I enjoyed the wa... more details

Portrait of Dr Gachet

13th Nov 2021

Cythia Saltzman. This was a fascinating read, starting with van Gogh's life himself and then working the way thorugh all the owners of the portrait, right through to the Japanese ownner in 1990 that paid $82.5 million for it. The first couple of own... more details

How We Became Human

28th Oct 2021

Tim Dean I thougth this would be like other non fiction books I have read on this topic, like Mismatch by Giphart. But instead of being a scientest or hoistrian Dean is a philosopher. So it lacked as many anededotes as i am used too. It was a well c... more details


13th Oct 2021

Irvine Welsh This felt like a poor mans Patrick Bateman. Replace wall street with english cop. You did not relate or empathise with the self centred misogynistic character, its like watching a car crash. It does not have the sharpness or the existen... more details

A Crack in the World

1st Oct 2021

Simon Winchester One of my favourite non fiction writers, easy to read and accessible information. The gold rush era of San Franciso through to the 1906 fire and beyond. Exploration of the science earthquakes and tectonic plates in general. Then bal... more details

The Last Continent

2nd Sep 2021

Terry Pratchett For me this seemed ot be two novels mashed together. The Australian side is very enjoyable because I can relate to it. Then the Unseen University professors in an alternate reality is some ncie science fixtion. It lacked the coheranc... more details

Steak For Breakfast

19th Aug 2021

Elizabeth O'Connor I am so used to these old books about settlement and toughh times on the allotment being funny. This one was not, it had its moments, but certainly not like the other books I have read. This one was beautifully written and we sha... more details

Thin Paths

9th Aug 2021

Julia Blackburn I thought this would be another one of those travel books about Europe. Like A Year in Provence. Not so much. This is set in northern Italy in rugged high mountains and details the live of some of its elderly residents. Life was toug... more details

The Species Seekers

29th Jul 2021

Richard Conniff I love this period in time, the emergence of the amateur naturalist. Both at home and then heading off on perilous jounreys. Those intrepid adveturers obsessed with the next species. Then trying to categories them. Then the expansion... more details

The Colour of Magic

5th Jul 2021

Terry Pratchett I love the Rincewind adventures. Other readers get their favourites from the guards or the witches, and I enjoy them too, but Pratchett did a remarkable job in these first two. They reminded me of other fantasy adventures, two charac... more details

The Land Before Avocado

28th Jun 2021

Richard Glover I started this thinking it was a glowing recount of better times in Australia. Lifetime jobs, houses and cars for eveyone, kids playing outside. It did have that, but it was mainly removing our nostalgia glasses. What it was really li... more details


21st Jun 2021

Terry Pratchett This is my second reading. It is another Tiffany Aching adventure with the witches. It is just what I needed and is a light, funny, interesting read. Love Pratchett.... more details

Algorithms to Live By

10th Jun 2021

Brian Christian & Tom Griffiths Interesting concept. I tend to treat algorithms as something we create to make computer processing easier, to gte a job done on a computer. But in fact over time we develop better and better methods. Then there is... more details

The Racketeer

24th May 2021

John Grisham The first half of this book was slow. I think the only other book of Grishams I have read was The Firm, I loved it, great suspense and face paced. This one was okay once it got started. Some insightas into prison life and running from t... more details

The Island of the Colourblind

11th May 2021

Oliver Sacks This one sat on my bookshelf for a long time. I think I was intimidated by the authors intellect. But he has such an engaging curiosity that you are caught up in the story. It is a glimpse into how a neurologist works. Their investigati... more details

The $100 Startup

28th Apr 2021

Chris Guillebeau I had read Chris' art of non conformity and thought this one was worth a try. These start up writers and zealous distrupturers are just book/course/newsletter salesmen. This is their job. We are enabling their lifestyle. That 'salt... more details

Larkin About in Ireland

15th Apr 2021

John Larkin This is a light, funny travel book. John is an Australian resident having moved from England with his family as a child. Ireland, or the idea of Ireland, increases its pull on him in mid life. He makes a pilgrimage for 1 years. But it i... more details

Measuring The Universe

5th Apr 2021

Kitty Ferguson This one has sat on my shelf for a little while. I was a bit daubted by it. But it was really accessible. It is a great combination of history, physics, maths, and wonders of the universe. It is a great example of the scientific metho... more details

Inherit The Earth

24th Mar 2021

Brian Stableford This book had excellent nanotech ideas. I like the pursuit of eternal life, the examination of overpopulation, corporations with long lived humans. I like that we were transported to the future and then the transistion from now to t... more details

Prelude To Space

8th Mar 2021

Arthur C. Clarke Arthur C. Clarke has an infectious wonder for space. This is his first published novel. It explores the preparation for a trip to the moon. Published in 1951, 18 years before we actually landed on the moon. It is a fascinating story... more details

Thief of Time

26th Feb 2021

Terry Pratchett Pratchett books make me so happy, he has found his sweat spot here. Not my absolute favourite book of his but does everything right. Examines philosophic issues around being human, science ideas, interesting characters, and always fu... more details

The Difference Engine

16th Feb 2021

Willian Gibson & Bruce Sterling I bought this for Gibson but with the collaboration I did not see much of him and set in 1855 it lacked the future computer ideas I liked in his work. It is a Victorian steam punk thriller. It was exciting with g... more details

Life inc

27th Jan 2021

Douglas Rushkoff This book made me feel sad and helpless. To begin with it read like a propaganda piece, very one sided, but over time I saw the truth in this perspective. The pervasiveness of coprorations and how that mentality has become a part of... more details

The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass

18th Jan 2021

Adrian Plass I read this book and others in the series when I was yonger and still a Christian. I remember it being very funny and it has still held up. It has a lovely family dynamic with the son and wife great characters. The church members are go... more details

From broke to multi-millionaire in just 7 years

11th Jan 2021

Peter Spann I read this over 15 years ago. If I applied the prinicpals I would be twice a multi millionaire (just jokes). I was inspired when I read it then and I was again now. It is an easy read and feels like some stories were adjusted to fill th... more details

Witches Abroad

3rd Jan 2021

Terry Pratchett Loved it. I really like the witches characters, Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg, and Magrat. They are off to save a girl from marrying a prince this time. Instead of Cinderella we have Embers. Instead of Casanova we have Casanunda, beca... more details