Prickle Farm

16th Sep 2015

Here is my collection of Prickle Farm Books. I finally got the first book and read it recently. It is the same as the others - a funny, easy to read yarn. 

The first book was published in 1983 and follows the adventures of Mike Hayes and his family. Mike was a Canberra journalist who bought a run down property in the small township of Gundaroo. Each chapter is a short tale of his exploits starring his family, animals and members of the Gundaroo community. Characters include:
- the child bride
- the littlest prickle farmer
- the bush princess
- wally the wonder dog
- emmy lou cabbage 
- and so many more.

Funny Australian stories of farming life, renovations, dunnies, clearing sales. Its a print version of Footrot Flats.

The books I have are
- Prickle Farm
- Prickle Farm - Round Two
- Prickle Farm - Greener Pastures
- Tussock Flat Tales.